Waldron's Creamery

Posted by admin on July 03, 2011

Waldron's Creamery was one of the most important industries in Califon. Our photos include Waldron's Creamery, farm, house, and a Waldron's milk bottle. The Waldron's Creamery building is now used by the Califon Fire Department. ...

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The Bells of Califon (Poem)

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J K Hoffman - In Memoriam

Posted by admin on July 03, 2011

By Barry Danziger

J.K. Hoffman
Friend, Neighbor
A MAJOR reason Califon is the fine place it is now.

There are not enough words that can describe all the things that Ken did for this borough. This was his lifelong home. Born in his parent's house on Second and Pershing Street, Ken resided here all his life, except for a time when he was serving his country during World War II and the resultant occupation of Japan.

Returning home, he dedicated his life to serving the people he grew up with, by returning to the area the blessings he received. ...

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The Califon School

Posted by admin on July 03, 2011

Califon School is a comprehensive grade K-8 institution that keeps the student's well being first. The first school was built in 1890. By 1912, it became apparent that the two-room schoolhouse was inadequate, so by 1918 the present school was built. Two additions have been added since.

The 'new' Califon School, under construction in 1918:


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The Cole Grist Mill postcard

Posted by admin on July 03, 2011

The card below was purchased from Ebay. It depicts the Cole Grist Mill; the writing on the edge says that it was from Califon. This is a very rare card, not seen by local postcard collectors before now.


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The Califon Historical Society Christmas Cards

Posted by admin on July 03, 2011

The Califon Historical Society used to print Christmas cards every year, each one depicting a different historic building in the town.

The full list is:

Series # Year Subject Year - Collectible
1 1987 Railroad station (1) 1996
2 1988 Rambo's General Store 1997
3 1989 Califon Bridge 1998
4 1990 Old Califon Public 1999
5 1991 United Methodist Church 2000
6 1991 Railroad Station (2)  
7 1992 Old Post Office 2001
8 1993 Presbyterian Church 5/2002
9 1994 Basket Factory  
10 1995 GW Beatty/Keefe's  
11 1996 Coleman's Garage  
12 1997 Waldron's Creamery  
13 1998 Geist Mill  
14 1999 Philhower General Store  
15 2000 Califon Lumber Company  
16 2001 Califon Book Store  
17 2002 Califon National Bank  
18 2003 Neuwiesinger's Market  
19 2004 Califon Blacksmith Shop  
20 2005 Dr Miller's House and Pharmacy  
21 2006 The Cole's Mill  
22 2007 The Log Cabin by the River  


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The Califon Coverlet

Posted by admin on July 03, 2011

The Califon Coverlette is no longer available. It had reproductions of pen and ink drawings by Joyce Carlson; the drawings adorned our annual Christmas cards.


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The Log Cabin

Posted by admin on July 03, 2011

The Califon Historical Society has responsibility for a log cabin on Raritan River Rd. The cabin was part of the property belonging to Nellie Hoffman, now owned by the town and several partners.  The Log Cabin was featured on the 2007 Christmas card, the 24th in our series. The artist is Kathleen DeBlasio, proprietor of the Califon Frame Shop.

The log cabin was used by hunters and fishing clubs. Similar cabins were used by families and individuals.  The cabin had some “comforts of home”, including a fieldstone fireplace and an outhouse with reading matter, but lacked running water.

The Log Cabin is listed on the State and National Register of Historic Places.



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Califon Dared

Posted by admin on May 29, 2011

A poem, author unknown.


Califon Dared

'tis true, our town in it's own way

began to live, take hold and grow.

It never grew to a great town.

It never rose to great renown.

And yet, way back in early days



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Diminished Capacity - The Movie

Posted by admin on May 30, 2007

The movie "Diminished Capacity" was filmed in part in Califon's historic district. The movie starred Alan Alda and Matthew Broderick. It featured several historic buildings, including Rambo's General Store. Click below to see photos from the shoot...

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